United way 2015 kick off campaign – Friday sep 11, 2015

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United way 2015 kick off campaign

Friday sep 11, 2015

The sound of the bag pipes played in the early morning of that Friday (Sep 11) will be my very last memory of my first summer in Canada. The United Way Kick-off campaign started bringing an old tradition in the country the good shout opened the event.

The main dinner room of the Ambassador was crowded, and I have to be honest to say that I was feeling that I was not feeling part of all that stuff. But this feeling would be changed after the board of directors speech.
At that moment we did not know how altruistic could it be this year campaign. It was by hearing the community donations that we started to build the feeling that it would be great. The $ 3,481,000 goal for this year was announced by the chairman Mr. Carie Batt.

The game changed when a Saint Lawrence Alumni climbed the stage to speak. Then I saw myself in that little fellow, because as myself he did not have a thing to offer but his good will. Comparing to the thousand dollars donations offered by all the guests around us that sounded a little ridiculous. But what he had to offer was even more precious, he was there to tell a story. The story was about how he was rescued by United Way when it was a challenge to have food in his table. That was quite a contrast to understand the suffering of the suffers after speaking about million dollars, and tears and money started to seem the same thing to me. It was when the real objective of all that stuff started make sense to me, the desire of helping people was driving the community. Then we look to each other as simple human beings and everybody there seemed to have the same thing to offer, good will. It did not matter anymore how much each one could contribute with, it was clear that if everybody contributes with something, any goal is possible.
We left that place with minds full, full of hope and enthusiasm. Understanding that in our ways, even small and with low resources our work on ENACTUS SLC is somehow as important as what we saw there. We are people who fights for the better; people who do not step back front of difficulties, but hold each others hands and face the challenge; we are, in fact, a people destined to do great things.