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We use our entrepreneurial, networking, marketing and teamwork skills towards a unitary goal: to raise as much money and collect as much food as possible in a week. We support two food banks every year through our Halloween Harvest and this year, we have expanded this project in collaboration with the Steer it Up campaign. This crowdfunding initiative is raising money to replace the Partners in Mission Food Bank’s van and we are very proud to help them reach their goal. We strive to best ourselves year after year in the hopes of making even more of a difference in our community and reduce the food security problem one donation at a time.


+7,276 people impacted

In our efforts to make a positive difference in our community, we have impacted thousands of people with our dedication and hard work, as well as the generous donations we collect.

+82,000 lbs of food collected

Our collection count is growing all the time and we are constantly working towards finding ways to increase food supply.

2014 Campbell’s Help Hunger Disappear Challenge

Our efforts were recognized in 2014. We are building on this work to serve our community further.

+25,000 lbs of CO2 diverted

This project does not only address food security! Through our work with the Partners in Mission Food Bank, we were able to help them reduce their carbon footprint!

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