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Grounds to Heat is a program where we transform coffee ground waste into energy, reducing greenhouse gases in the process. Methane gas and run-off fluids are released during the decomposition process. Our team collects the coffee ground waste which then goes through a pelleting process, creating biomass pellets. This product will then be used as a biomass fuel source.

Using coffee waste as a biomass fuel source, not only diverts waste from landfills, it also offsets the need to use conventional fossil fuels as a heat source. We collect the coffee waste from around the St. Lawrence College Kingston campus, and our industry partners, Green City Initiative’s and Robinson Innovations, collect and pelletize the waste. These pellets are then returned to the college as an in-kind donation and are used in two pellet stoves, heating the OffGrid classrooms used by the Energy Systems Engineering Technology program.


Over 600 Volunteer Hours

Our passionate volunteers are driven by the goal they share in common to which they have dedicated their time and energy.

Collection Live Counter

Beginning September 15th, 2015:

Coffee Waste
0 lbs

25 Volunteers

Our collection teams are comprised of 25 volunteers with different backgrounds and experiences. We collect two times per day - diverting almost 100lbs of waste every day!

Supported by two industry partners

Green City Initiatives and Robinson Innovations are two local companies have partnered up with us in order to help make a difference.

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