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Food Cents is a food and financial literacy program that aims to improve the quality of students’ eating habits by assuring their capability to purchase healthy grocery choices on a tight budget. This program consists of a recipe book, comprehensive workshops and video tutorials developed by our culinary specialists. Food Cents encourages the development of more healthy, active and socially engaged students. This program has led to the creation of three subsidiary projects.

Recipes for an Empty Wallet explains how you can make the $7.49 per day food budget and still eat nutritious and delicious meals. All of the recipes in our cookbook meet with the Canadian Food Guide requirements. Downloads for this cookbook have been enjoyed across the globe, sparking the creation of French and Spanish versions.

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Burger Club invites participating students to the St. Lawrence College professional kitchen to make their own burger completely from scratch. From grinding the meat, to making the buns, condiments and side dishes, the students explore the kitchen and learn valuable skills.

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Slow Cookers for Kids is a 3-day program for Grade 7 and 8 students from the Kingston community where, under the supervision of our culinary faculty and students, they learn just how easy making a healthy and delicious meal can be. Participating students go home with both a slow cooker and a copy of our cookbook!

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Over 6,500 People Impacted

From students of all ages and crown wards, to employed professionals who want to maintain a healthy diet: we help them all with our program. This program's benefits go beyond circumstantial needs and change the way you live your life.

+ 10,000 Cookbooks printed

Hard copies of our cookbook are distributed and sold not only in St. Lawrence College, but the entire Kingston area.

7 Partnerships with Community Organizations

Caring about our community is a serious business. Our great ideas are shared and fostered by great organizations such as 3M, BDC, RBC, TD Bank, ScotiaBank, Tim Hortons and Walmart.


We believe that everyone can benefit from our program. Therefore, we have made all materials available to download for free on our website!

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