Calendars for Congo

In 2014, Cathy and Heather traveled to the community of Democratic Republic of Congo. Within their travels they had the opportunity to discuss with women what they are living every day. Stories of violence, loss, grief and despair left Cathy and Heather wonder how each women had it in them to look out for each other and try their best to care for themselves and their children. All Cathy and Heather wanted to do was help these women but it wasn’t as easy as giving them money. The women needed something they could hold on to, something that gave them the hope for their future. Cathy then had a brilliant idea and created a women’s training center called The Tchukudu Women’s Training Center. It rose from a spark in their minds that too many women’s lives are torn apart and left in darkness. The training centre has become a beacon of light for many women and there are high hopes of bringing more women into the training centre

The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre project needs your financial support. Through the thoughtful devotion of an amazing group of women, Cathy has created a calendar to mark, not only your days, but also your courage to bring awareness to others about the lives of our Congolese sisters living in Democratic Republic of Congo. This is why we are here to help. Calendars are $20 and 100% of the proceeds go towards The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre

Purchase your calendar the week of November 30-December 4

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