Innovation Bootcamp CUSP

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SLC’s Innovation boot camp will be a three-day event, we are looking for engaging volunteers to help shape the culture and experience of the weekend. Volunteers, Speakers and Team leads will be guiding Students through 4 stages of innovation: Interpersonal skills, Design Mindset, Adaptive thinking, Cross cultural collaboration.

Who: Unique opportunity for ANY SLC student

What: SLC’s Innovation Boot Camp is a weekend of learning – from soft skill development, developing creative skills bringing “out of the box thinking” to your workplace; to design skills to bring ideas and pro-types to life. We invite you to apply – share with us, your goals and let us help you

When: Feb 24-26 (Friday evening event, all day Saturday, Sunday morning)

Why: Develop understanding of the students view of Innovation, Opportunity for students to experience the possibilities of innovation and share their experience with friends, Prove model for year of year implementation, gauge interest in certificate program, foster a collaborative and growth mindset student culture

Where: Saturday/Sunday: Join us at the Tett Centre, King Street (with day trips to sites such as: Improbable Escapes at 303 Bagot Street in Downtown Kingston!